Soccer Passing Trainer

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The Soccer Passing Trainer 💯

Soccer passing drills with our Passing Trainer are essential for the development of ball-handling skills and controlled passing on the field. In spite of the core benefits of the correct passing technique, a surprising number of youth soccer drills and sports programs neglect the finer details of these moves and leave soccer players on their own. There’s nothing wrong with regular practice, but if your child will repeat our set of passing drills over and over, he/she will develop beneficial habits and iron out bad ones. You kid will improve their passing skills through practice and repetition and will become the best passer on the team!
Recommended by Soccer Coaches for the following reasons:

IMPROVES ALL SKILLS ➡️ Improves overall footwork – dribbling, shooting, passing, receiving (even on the turn), juggling, throw-ins

PASSING ➡️ Teaches your kid to practice giving and receiving a game-like pass with any part of the body. The adjustable cord makes the ball come back to the head, chest, knees or feet. It actually feels like a real pass from a teammate

SOLO TRAINING ➡️ Allows keeping the ball in motion without getting tangled so your kid can practice game-like situations without the need for another player

EFFICIENCY ➡️ the Passing Trainer ensures soccer training drills can be done anytime and anywhere

CONFIDENCE ➡️ Grows better reactions and ball-control skills to secure the right mindset

TIME SAVER ➡️The ball comes back to your kid child, so he/she won’t waste time on chasing the ball

The Passing Trainer is not available in stores in our country. 

Key Product Features:

The Soccer Passing Trainer contains a soccer ball on rope that will attach with an adjustable belt to your kid’s body

Durable and built to use on any surface, including grass, tracks and courts

Eco-friendly Materials

The ball contains no PVC, which does not comply with European REACH standards, and so it contains just TPU, which is more environmentally friendly.


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Soccer Passing Trainer

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