Birthday Week and Yeah, I am Still 29ish. 

I am an introvert. If I am on stage or delivering a speech, I am someone else and I can totally rock that. If I have to be “Nicole” in front of people, there is going to be some serious verbal diarrhea going on. Even everyday one on one talking to people…I know they leave thinking…did she take her meds today? 

I am also a fierce friend. I have acquaintances and then I have my “family”.  And I will cut you if you mess with my family or friends. I am one of those people who take their inner circle of loyal friends and will keep them for life, regardless of where we live or what is going on in our lives. 

That being said, we moved into our house a little over three years ago. Introverts have a hard time moving and making new friends. However, in those three years, I have made some dear friends and some of them will be friends for life. 

I had a fabulous birthday week. Thanks to all my friends and family for all the cards, gifts and well wishes. 

I know my oldest will be 26 next year, but I am not budging on being 29. So, as long as I have such awesome friends, they keep me young.

Thanks, guys. 😘