So, things have been pretty chaotic in my life and I have not updated the blog because….life. So, this morning I logged into WordPress to post an update and, WOW, my views were off the freaking chart.

Unfortunately, my blog is not what all of these internet searchers were/are looking for, but thanks for stopping in! There is a Dancing With the Stars dancer who started a blog called “All Things Fam & Glam“. I hope I got that right. Sorry, I have never seen the show. Not because it does not sound amazing, but because…life. 

I am linking to that blog above because, to be fair, if you ended up reading this blog hoping to find information about an incredibly attractive dancer named Peta who happens to (currently) be pregnant AND who freaking rocks her pregnancy and makes you feel bad about how out of shape and sad you felt when you were pregnant, I am sorry. Maybe I am just projecting. 

This blog is about the adventures of someone completely different than that. Like…I can dance, y’all. Just not DANCE, dance. In public. On television. Or in a mirror. Maybe I can dance in the shower. MAYBE. 

That being said (written), my next post is finishing up Lockerbie and sharing some fabulous news with all my (real) readers! Stay tuned!


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