Bathrooms at Lockerbie

Last time we talked about Lockerbie bathrooms, the tile was being laid. 

The pedestal sinks in the master bathroom were ready to be installed. 

The pedestal sink in the half bath was about to be installed. 

The master shower was tiled. 

This week, the toilet was installed in the upstairs bathroom and the original claw foot tub was reinstalled. I bought an old timey shower converter kit from Signature Hardware. There is a ring that still needs to be installed. The vanity was installed and it was also purchased from Signature Hardware. 

Because we wanted more storage in that bathroom, we had this storage unit installed. 

The master bathroom shower heads and other plumbing were installed this week along with the pedestal sinks. 

Much like the upstairs bathroom, we needed more storage so we had this unit installed. 

The pedestal sink was installed in the half bath. The hubs called and asked me how I felt about buying an vintage looking toilet. I was like…”What the heck does that mean?” He sent me a photo and I was not really excited about it. I do not know, I was just thinking it would look weird. He said, “Executive decision…I want it.” So, I said “Go ahead.” Once it was installed, I was in love. 

All that is left is the installation of the master toilet and tub. All sinks and vanities, faucets, toilets and hardware were purchased from Signature Hardware. Seriously, if you haven’t visited their website, DO IT!!

I had a plaque made for the Despa house. 

We also have this sign outside the house:

The blurred number belongs to the hubs. Yesterday, he got a phone call where the caller asked “Is the house Despa house yours?” He replied, “Yes. How can I help you?” She said, “I just wanted to tell you that it is really awesome!” He replied, “Thank you.” Then, she said, “That’s all!” And hung up. It made his day!

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