Hardwood Floors and Lockerbie Kitchen Progress…I Am In Love

So, the hardwood floors I ordered came in and…I hated them. So, we returned them and I went with a completely different look. Hey, sometimes I do (rarely) make mistakes and sometimes, something seems right in the showroom and then it is completely “WTF is happening with this” when it comes in. So when the new wood arrived, I was all “I am so freaking in love.”

These planks are walnut, folks. Freaking awesome walnut. Walnut that screams “SHAZAM! You love me!” when you see them. I’m trying to figure out a way to convince the hubs….scratch that. I am trying to figure out what would damage my hardwoods so badly that they would need to be replaced. With these. Awesome. Walnut. Planks. 

Okay, on to the kitchen. Last we saw of the Lockerbie kitchen (like one paragraph ago) it was gutted and the brick had been stripped and we were waiting for the cabinets. 

Yesterday, they started installing the kitchen cabinets. 

By the end of the day they had all the white cabinets installed. 

And, seriously, I was like “why does my kitchen suck so badly” after seeing JUST the white cabinets. 

Today, they installed the island. I chose to paint the island black, like all the doors I have yet to write about. Do not worry. I am slow but I will write about them.  

I wanted to contrast the white cabinets with black because there is a LOT of black and white going on in this house. Anywho…the island went in today. 😳

Can we just talk about these cabinets?? I mean…this kitchen is so freaking perfect. I thought the Carmel kitchen was the bomb (no offense to the the awesome owners of the Carmel house who read my blog) but what we had to work with vs. what just happened today? Wow. 

Check this shiz out. See these things? I don’t know what to call them however, these are the the things that held up the original farm sink back in…whenever this house finally got running water. They were in the basement and the old owner told us what they were. We really wanted to incorporate as much of the historical aspects of this house as we could. 

And, the appliances arrived 

Viking stove and huge Wolfe refrigerator that will be paneled. . Not jealous. Not hating on the new owners. Maybe. 

So, here is the current state of the freaking awesome (try not to be jealous, Nicole) kitchen. (Did I mention that this kitchen is 110% nicer than mine? Good. Let’s keep that to ourselves.)

Okay, folks. I already hate the new owners. I am totally in love with this remodel/renewal. 

I have already secured Doc from Little Doc’s Architectural Salvage to help me stage the house with some vintage pieces. The house is officially on the market January 1st. 

This is so exciting!!!


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