Picking out Tile and Lots of Progress

I had a difficult time picking out tile for the Lockerbie house. I wanted to have tile that would look like tile from 1863 yet modern at the same time. Since this is a nicer renovation (aka money) I wanted marble tile for the bathrooms. 

This marble honeycomb tille was perfect for the master bathroom. We used a dark gray grout for the floors. 

A smaller version of this mosaic was used on the shower floor. The tile was purchased at The Tile Shop. 

The master shower walls were also installed. Since there is brick in the shower (the will be covered in glass, I wanted a tile that would compliment the brick and would have texture. 

I chose this tile which I also purchased at The Tile Shop. Yesterday, The Tile was grouted and….swoon…I am so in love with this shower!!

The glass for the brick wall and door will be installed in two weeks. 

I decided to use marble and granite for the upstairs bathroom in an diagonal pattern. I found this tile at Home Depot. The price there was WAY better than anywhere else. 

The master closet carpet was installed. I chose an older looking pattern and purchased it via David Little at ICC Floors. The “closet” was installed last week. We used Hoosier Closets, again. 

The upstairs has been painted and all the door have been painted black. 

The upstairs cabinet was installed as was the master bathroom cabinet. These are not the vanities, just extra cabinet space. 

The stairs have been stripped and are ready for the new stain and paint. 

It’s been a very busy month! Lots of events going on. One that I am particularly happy about is being a bridesmaid for the wedding of my best friend, Kelly, to her high school sweetheart, Jeff. I grew up in Virginia with these two and it only took them 25 years to finally get it right! 

Congratulations to the cutest couple and best friends I could have! 


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