Kitchen Plans

The current state of the Despa house kitchen is so:

The overhead beam has been taken out and the wall extended.


The before photo

After several meetings with Tony from Freedom Valley Cabinets, we have the “almost” finished kitchen blueprints and they are amazing.


Here is the new kitchen looking down. The old entry into the master bedroom was right off the kitchen. We closed that up and put in a new entrance to the master in the long hallway that goes to the newer additon.


The new gas, kickass stove will be located along the short brick wall. I am ever the cobbler with no shoes for my kids because this stove is so much nicer than mine. Tony is building a faux cabinet to frame the vent above the stove. There is so much going on in the kitchen, I did not want a big vent showing.


This is the large brick wall with the window on it. The upper cabinets will actually have a chicken wire-ish wire instead of glass. Here is another view.


The fridge is located on the wall the old entrance to the master was on. We are putting a small sink where the doorway into the master used to be located.


This, minus the brick look behind it, is what that small sink area will look like.


Here is the kitchen island. I think it is pretty self explanatory.

The kitchen cabinets along the walls will be white, while the island will be black. It will be the same color black as the doors. The color is Midnight Dream by Benjamin Moore. Speaking of the doors….OMG. The upstairs doors got the first coat of black paint on them and…EECK! I am SO in love!




They are stunning. I am SOOOOO tempted to paint my doors at home black.

But I digress…back to cabinets. We are building a bar in the back room of the addition. Tony also did the design for the bar.



These cabinets will also be white. Bob Brown, at Majestic Stone is hunting down soapstone for me to look at and decide. I really want to put soapstone on the white cabinets and super white granite on the black island.

Sorry for not posting as regularly as I should. Someone used my blog in a legal attempt to get what they wanted from my family. I am not going to go into details, but I felt very violated and considered shutting the blog down altogether. I am sure she is reading this now. Her attempts fell on deaf ears and did not matter at all in the end. It just really sucks when someone takes something you love to do and tries to use it against you. Especially when it has, literally, zero to do with her or what she was trying to take. It has made me gun-shy to even open my blog up and write anything.  Hey, guys….just freaking be decent people to one another. That is all.



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