We Scored Some Doors!

Doors. Guys. DOORS. The ones I want are very time specific. If you google 1860s doors or 1940s doors, you will find that some styles were only popular at that time period and some styles remain classics. 

The 1930s Butler house had a bunch of these ‘Miracle Doors’. They were all painted white and I wanted them stripped so I took them all to Doc’s Architectural Salvage to be dipped. (This is after days and days of me trying to strip them myself…dead.) They also had several miracle doors I needed for the home.

Seriously….these doors were so freaking amazing once they were stripped. We stained them and replaced them in the home. One of Doc’s workers claims they are called miracle doors because it is a miracle they are still around because the middle panel is so thin.  In reality, they are called miracle doors because a single flat panel is surrounded by contrasting woods which differed from the traditional five or six panel styles.  

Onto the Despa house:

We needed two matching doors for the master bath entry and for the master closet entry. After looking around, the hubs and I found the best doors for this. 

We purchased two of these gorgeous doors with green texured glass. They are perfect! They let light into the two rooms while still maintaining privacy. 

There was only one bedroom door upstairs and we needed three. Inside the home, most of the doors had transom windows. 

This was the entry into the master bedroom

Luckily, Doc’s had three perfect doors already with jambs AND transom windows that were time appropriate. 

Notice how this eighteen hundred and something – four paneled door looks like new doors used today. One major difference is that these are solid wood and a lot of doors used today are not. 

We needed a narrow door for a coat closet and a regular sized door without a transom for the laundry room.  

The laundry room six panel door looks exactly like the doors I have, currently, in my own home. 

The hubs found these cool Egyptian doors to use in the wine cellar. 

We also found these enoumous doors to separate the two rooms in the newer addition. 

They were installed this week and they are FREAKING heavy (so my guys tell me).

All the doors MIGHT be painted using Benjamin Moore’s Midnight dream. 

I am going to try one door and see how it looks. Black doors will be very cool in this home. Especially when you see how things will tie together. 

I have not decided on doorknobs yet. I will probably wait until I see a black door and then decide. 

Every door was found at Doc’s Architectural Salvage NOW called Little Doc’s Architectural Salvage at its new location at 411 N Dorman Street in downtown Indianapolis. The business used to be located on 30th street but just recently, the store  relocated. 

If you are downtown this weekend and want to do some fantastic antique shopping and support your local shops then you are in luck! Within a one or two block radius from Little Doc’s are several other antique stores. There are locally owned restaurants and Smoking Goose Market (do not miss it) within walking distance as well. 

It is a fun shopping, or just browsing, afternoon! If you go to Little Doc’s, say hello to Lindsay. She is the real boss. 

Edited because, score! This weekend three of the antique shops are having  a parking lot sale! This only happens once a year!!


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