Keep Calm and Get Back to Work!

It is extremely difficult to get back up after life has knocked you to the ground. But, life goes on and demands you participate regardless of your pain. Especially when you have several employees counting on you. Such is my family’s life. 


The exterior of the sitting room was painted and is only awaiting trim. 

The inside was painted and also needs trim. The kitchen and sitting room flooring arrived. The design was laid out first so we could decide if we really liked the pattern. 




Then, the subflooring was laid and the real work started. 


The kitchen floor is now done. I chose parquet because it would, most definitely, have been used in houses built in the 1960s, like this one. I was hoping I would like the final finished product. I don’t just like it, I love this flooring. 

 As you can see in the above photo, the cabinets arrived today and instillation has begun. 



The bathrooms have all been tiled and are being primed. 

The bonus room upstairs needed a flooring decision made. We decided to use the left over hardwood from the dining room along with some new wood. 



The floors will be sanded and finished like the other floors upstairs. After that, we will put in trim. 

The upstairs is currently being primed.  

The living room floor was sanded last week. 

The first clear coat went on a few days ago. 

Tomorrow I will post the finished kitchen cabinets. Right now I am just watching them being installed and I am madly in love with them!