Halloween Prep

Okay, I married a curmudgeon. No, seriously. Picture Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Wilson (from Dennis the Menace, for all you Millennials) combined into one. Boom. My husband. 

He has one holiday he likes, enjoys and doesn’t complain about, Thanksgiving. He hates Christmas. He hates Easter. He hates the Fourth of July (what the what???). He hates Halloween. 

In his defense (begrudgingly), he used to own a company that did displays, decorations and managed and decorated a LOT of trade shows. His old company, for MANY years, use to string the Christmas lights over every tree in downtown Indianapolis. Also, his company decorated for many, many, many Company’s parties; New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July…you get the idea. He claims “burnt out” status. Hey, folks, when you remarried someone, your past “burnt outs” are irrelevant unless you want OUR past burnouts to be just as relevant. Just saying. 

I digress. 

So, I had four decorations for Halloween because my husband complains ANYTIME I take out a decoration. His “fix it” or “To Do” persona comes out. 

Honestly, I have never gotten, nor ever will get trick-or-treaters. I live too out of the way. Trick-or-treaters nowadays are all about saving time and efficiency. I was never this maniacal about getting Halloween candy. However, I still want to decorate for Halloween!

I spent a lot of time working on decorations. I will share the whole post tomorrow, but here are some early photos:


What? Pumpkins and skulls for Halloween? Ground breaking!

On the Lookout, Part Deux

We looked at homes the other day and saw a few that had potential and a few that could be fire department disaster practice opportunities and then one that my husband liked but I vetoed. 

Everyone has heard the saying -The three most important things about a house are location, location and location. We are officially adding a fourth important thing, layout. The one negative thing we heard over and over about the Fall Creek house (when it was on the market) was the layout. It is so ingrained in my head that I will not even consider a home with strange layouts that cannot be fixed. 

That being said, let me present you with my veto house. 

What does this entry say to you? It says “move me” to me. However, there are basement stairs going down underneath to the dungeon. 

But…the basement stairs are cleverly masked because the builder, obviously, didn’t want people to know he was running a speak easy down there. 


The house had the ugly factor that usually lures me in, but the layout was just so odd. 

On to the next one. 

This is your typical 2001 home. It only needs cosmetic updates; new floors, painted bathroom cabinets, new wall paint and a total kitchen redo. This home does not excite me, however, it would be a quick flip. 

On to the next one. 

This house is twenty five years old and has a lot of character. It has that welcoming awesome cat pee and mold odor right as you walk in. There are cosmetic upgrades needed as well as infrastructure work. I want to do this house. However, there is practically no back yard in a family neighborhood full of large back yards. 

On to the next one. 

No. Just, no. The layout was painful. It’s like they aimlessly kept adding additions to the house resulting in a maze of rooms.

The last one was not even worth getting my phone out to take photos. Blah. 

So, we will put in some bids next week and see what happens. Fingers crossed. 

On the Lookout

We went to go look at a condo we could fix up and use as a rental, today. 

Why does every fixer up have carpet that looks like this:

Okay, and someone blind tried to paint this place. 

And there is paint all over the carpet. Did they even try to keep it on the walls? And, of course there was wallpaper. 

Some handy man fixes that I see make me scratch my head and think “what in the heck were you smoking”. 

I feared for my own safety so I let the guys go up the stairs/death trap, first. 

The best/crappiest part of the condo was the kitchen. 

I don’t even sort of know what is going on with these cabinets. 

We will be seeing several more possible flip houses this week. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m getting antsy. 


You know how you get your mind set on a piece of furniture and you become so obsessed that you scour Craigslist and other internet sites constantly looking for it and you dream about it and go into stores looking for it and you ignore people because you’re on your phone checking the internet and hoping to find that one perfect piece of furniture that would complete your world, make you a better person and feed the hungry? No? Just me?

I am on a hunt.

I moved my furniture back into my home after packing up the Carmel house and I suddenly want/need blue velvet chairs in my living room.

These orange chairs used to be in my living room. I don’t want orange anymore. I want blue velvet chairs, so, I assigned these chairs to the storage unit.


Photo from 1stdibs.com


By the way, those chairs above are sold.

I know. I know. Blue velvet is very modern and the trend will pass. I KNOW. I am the one who gets neutral furniture and adds colorful pillows so my furniture lasts longer. But…..blue velvet chairs would look really good in my living room.

So, I’m thinking about taking the orange chairs and reupholstering them. So, I have done some reupholstering with dining chairs and minor items, but, I have never reupholstered a fully upholstered piece of furniture. I am kind of frightened to try regardless of all the videos I’ve watched.

So, IF I choose to navy blue chairs, do I:

A. Buy two new navy velvet chairs

B. Reupholster the orange chairs

And, if option B, do I pay someone to do it or do I do it myself?

So, would you buy or re-do chairs in a trendy color or buy or re-do chairs in a neutral color and accessorize with pillows?

Closing Time, You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here!

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