Stencils Can be Fun, Again!

My hatered of wallpaper has been expressed many, many times on my blog. That’s not to say that I don’t like patterns on walls, there are just other ways to accomplish this.

I fell in love with stenciling many years ago. I, like many others in the 1990’s, did those floral stencil boarders either at the top of my walls or around the middle of the walls. Well, that phase passed and soon, every body hated stencils. They were quietly put away in the “don’t ever try that again” closet along with all my Americana decor, Pier 1 Papasan chairs and Claude Monet pastel prints.

Many years later, I started seeing stencils on walls that looked like wallpaper, sans the headache! “You must try it” part of my brain said. “You can’t open that closet door again! Noooooooo” said the other part. But, I found myself purchasing several stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils the next day.

Not knowing how to use these large stencils, I watched every “how to” video on the Cutting Edge Sencils website.


My first project was my dining room. This is my old house, by the way. I used the Funky Wheel wall stencil and used black and metallic silver for the stencils. I copied the Zinnia Grande wall stencil colors from the web site because I fell madly in love with them.
I did an accent wall in my music room. I painted the walls with a satin gray and then stenciled over the paint on the accent wall with Martha Stewart metallic silver paint. I used the Zamira Allover stencil. It really looked fabulous! Sorry the photo isn’t great. It’s the only one I have unless I show up at my old house and ask the owners if I can take a photo.

I tried my hand at many different other stencils and really enjoyed the affect.

I have stenciled boxes, window panes, trays and furniture and other home decor items. Along with stenciling, I like to make fun designs using tape.

I purchased a picture frame from Goodwill and took out the glass. I spray painted a white pattern on the glass using blue Martha Stewart tape I got from Michaels. Once that paint had completely dried, I taped directly over the white lines and spray painted the glass with metallic gold.

Once the paint had dried, I took off the tape and put the glass in the newly painted frame, unpainted glass side up. I put it in Lucy’s bathroom as a cute tray.

Next, I took a box I purchased from Goodwill and spray painted it white. Using the same tape, I made a Chevron design on top of the box and spray painted the top gold.

Yes, I do realize I messed up in the corner. I don’t care. It’s unique. That is the thing with homemade items, they are yours. You made them. I embrace the flaws. Okay, and I didn’t want to redo it.

Once I find where I put my Moroccan stencil, I will attack a wall in this house. Just got to find where I put it…..

Take A Break? Me? Naw. 

There’s a story that starts like this: Nicole sold a house and has a break before the next one so she walks into an antique store and….

I shouldn’t go into antique stores. I came out with this. 

 Then, I went into White’s Ace Hardware and came out with this. 

  Then I found a stencil and started doing this. 

About an hour later, I was doing this. 

And then there was this. 

Now I have this and plan to put it up on my wall because I love it. 

I also purchased this other wall hanging on Friday and I think they look good together. 

I’m going to put them both up in my great room. 

Well, I have a super busy week coming up next week so I might not post frequently. But I will get to see my three oldest children, my Family and lots of old friends so, that makes it all worth while. 

Till next post!

Upstairs Bedrooms – Before and After

The day after we closed on the Carmel house, we headed over there to start stripping the wallpaper off one of the bedrooms upstairs. 

I quit after this next photo.    
My work here was done because I wasn’t going to try to get that sticky shiz off the wall. 

We put in can lights and took out the carpet and installed the hardwood floors. 

Then, we painted. We had to rebuild a closet in this room as well as replace the windows. 

I think the before and after photos are great. 



The master bedroom had two closets with sliding mirror doors, two sliding glass doors to the deck and a tiny master bathroom. 


We replaced all the doors and windows. We took up the carpet and put down hard wood floors. We built a new master bathroom (see bathroom post) and replaced the mirrored sliding closet doors. Then, we painted. 

Boom. This room feels SO MUCH bigger just changing very little. 

Flooring matters. So does paint. This is the same flooring and paint through out the entire main level. 

Btw, I got the bed and night stand on CL and the guy I purchased them from purchases entire estates from auctions. He has a warehouse full of large furniture items. If you want to go and see his stuff sometime, let me know because I’m going next week. I need another project. 😂

The Beverage Cart

Sorry to postpone the bathrooms but I just finished a project I’m going to use in the room off the kitchen, so, I’m moving that before and after project ahead of the bathrooms. 

Remember the beverage card I got as a bonus item with the table, chairs and buffet?

I used it as my work table while redoing the other furniture. I knew I wanted to redo it but I wanted to have fun with it and not strip it to the original dark wood. 

I stripped the top and was so excited to see that this item had always been a painted piece of furniture, plus, it had been fancy!

Okay, the green is not fancy, but look at the gold stencil! This gave me an idea for the design. 

I will put this cart in the room off the kitchen, which has a lot of blues and grays, so I wanted to paint it a similar color. 

Then, I used some of my many stencils to stencil gold designs on the top and sides. I used gold Liquid Leaf I purchased from White’s Ace Hardware to stencil on the design. I purchased the stencil from Hobby Lobby. Make sure when you stencil, you use good adhesive spray, good brushes and you need to have patience.   






I will show you in tomorrow’s post how it was used in the staging of the room off the kitchen, which will here to and forever more be known as the great room. 


The before and After Living Room

I am going to do a before and after of all the rooms in the Carmel house in different posts or else I’ll run out of things to blog about because I’m taking a self imposed hiatus from doing anything that doesn’t revolve around my family. 

My friend, Kelly, came out to visit me and I took her to see the Carmel house before we started the remodel. She said “Are you going to get rid of the Brady Bunch fireplace?” And I was like, “Hells, yes!”

Then, I came up with the butler’s pantry idea $$$ and Dave gave me an option. What do I want to spend the money on? Taking down are redoing the fireplace or the butler’s pantry. Dang it. 

Our realtor, Matt, kept pushing me to put a stone element on it to make it stand out. I was like “Uh, NO! I want as little focus on it as possible!” 

We took out the carpet, painted it White Dove, by Benjamin Moore and put up a chandelier and two sconces I purchased from ATG Stores. Let me pause here to tell you about ATG Stores. I have ordered all my lights (besides my can lights) from ATG for many years and the reason I keep going back is because of the awesome prices and the exceptional service. The first chandelier I purchased from ATG came with a crack along the side. I called customer service and they immediately shipped another one out, no questions asked. They continue to have exceptional service. 

We replaced the rotted sliding glass doors with Home Guard sliding glass doors. Then, we painted the brick on the fireplace white and I found I didn’t hate it anymore. It blended well. 

So here it is! 



Btw, I got that sunburst mirror at an antique store for a steal and I love it so much!

Next post will be the before and after bathrooms.