To Do Or Not To Do…That Is the Question

Update: The bank has agreed to sell for  the apprased amount! Tally-Ho!

I’m sure many of you are like “Hey, uhm….what’s up with the next flip house?” Well, we are stuck in appraisal limbo. Have you ever purchased or sold a house and the appraisal was SO off that you thought they must have skipped the class that actually taught how to appraise a house? 

Auction houses make me crazy. 

So, with all the money we would have to front, it would leave us tightening purse strings in our family live and that stinks. It really, really stinks. So, do we go ahead and do it? Do we bring in a partner? They would have to be silent. I mean, VERY silent. I really don’t like that option. Or, do we let her go?

Yes, it would be only a few months of penny pinching and the reward would be greater but there are no guarantees with flipping a house. It is very difficult to let her go when you walk in and what you see is different than what everyone else sees and what you see is magnificent. 

We shall see. In the mean time, I have been painting a table and chairs I won in a divorce. I can’t wait to share the finished product!    

LucyLoo’s Room, FINALLY!

Oh, for crying out loud. Maybe it’s my computer or WordPress or the Universe but this post was 90% done, and it was funny-mind you, and Safari suddenly ended and EVERYTHING was lost and now I feel like being a very unfunny writer. Now I’m in pissed off mode so let’s see how I write when even the dogs scatter because they smell my anger.


Boom. There it is, finally. The mirrors were purchased at Tuesday Morning for $40 for both because they looked like crap because most mirrors/pictures/stuff you get at Tuesday morning looks like it belongs on the Island of Misfits. I painted it black and put them in my living room at my old house. In this house, they sat in my attic until I decided to paint them and put them in Lucy’s room. First, I had to prime them and then I painted them turquoise.

IMG_3786 lucyroom6

Yes, that’s Resolve carpet cleaner in the first photo because sometimes I am overconfident of my painting skills and think “NAW! I don’t need to cover the carpets!” Uh, yes, I do.

I used painter’s tape to create decorative lines for the mirrors and I used liquid gold leaf that I purchased at my local Ace Hardware store to paint in between the tape, creating the lines.

lucyroom9 lucyroom8 lucyroom7

Lucy’s nightstands used to be in my bedroom. Holy crap, I just had Déjà Vu. Whoops, nope, I actually did just write all of this an hour ago. Okay, I purchased these nightstands at Home Goods. One of the doors swings in too much so I haggled the store manager and he gave me 30% off if I bought them as a set. Uh, duh! I was going to anyway but he didn’t need to know that. I replaced these nightstands in my room with other ones recently so I decided to put these in Lucy’s room. The black didn’t really go with her colors so I used the liquid gold leaf to paint the black.

IMG_2975 FullSizeRender-79 lucyroom1IMG_2973

I purchased the vase at Goodwill and painted it using chalkboard paint because Lucy LOVES chalkboards.

FullSizeRender-82 IMG_7227

Because I am obviously a glutton for punishment, I made Lucy’s curtains. It’s the first time I’ve spoken to my sewing machine since the Christmas stocking accident and this was just a visit because when I took Claire (that’s her name and there is a reason for it that someday I MAY explain) my eye started to twitch and my hands started to shake and Dave announced “Mama’s sewing. We need to leave, NOW!!!”


I realize that one of Lucy’s light bulbs was out over her window. Yep, I was like “Where are the light bulbs? In the garage? Screw that. It’s fine.” Okay, so her chalkboards were purchased at Goodwill. The original paintings in the frames were ridiculous. Seriously, some people’s version of art, kills me. So, I turned them around and painted the fronts (previously the backs) with chalkboard paint.

IMG_7219 IMG_7222 IMG_7224

I purchased the Snow White commemorative stamp photos a LOOOOONG time ago while standing in line at the post office. I swear, I stood there for twenty or thirty minutes. I saw these for sale and thought “No, I’m not going to give in to an impulse buy.” Every minute that ticked away I was becoming more and more like “Oh My Gosh! I need those pictures like the air I breathe!”  I bought them and justified the price to Dave by telling him they are collectors items and they will go up in value. Yeah, I don’t even know if that will happen.

FullSizeRender-81 IMG_2983

Lucy made the handprint picture one year in school. I made a mat (it fit perfectly in her old decor) and framed it. I love these handprint photos kids make. I am a sucker for them. The crown mirror I made over ten years ago for Simone and Madison’s room.


When I was a child, my Mama read Mother Goose to us all the time. My first book purchase when I found out I was pregnant with my first child was Mother Goose. My Mama gave my kids one she wrote in a while back. I remember reading Mother Goose and looking at the photos and just being engrossed in the stories and photos. I found this picture at an antique store about a year after Lucy was born. It’s the story of Lucy Locket. The poem reads:

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Nothing in it, nothing in it,
But the binding round it.

RIGHT? The poem totally sucks! But, It reminded me of my childhood and it had Lucy’s name in it, so, of course, I had to buy it. I’m sure it’s a collectors item and will go up in value.

At least that is what I told Dave.

Hope you liked it!!

Lucy Loo Room Partie Deux

I get distracted very easily. I know I have not done part deux of the timber frame house. It is half written but this is how it goes: Me: “I need the timber frame photos off my other computer. I think it is in the kitchen.”  (Walks into the kitchen) “I’m hungry! Ohhh…I wonder if there is any leftover soup.” (Makes soup) “I think I will go do a project!” (Never gets back to timber frame post.) It will happen…I’m just not going to make promises about when it will be finished.

Poor Lucy. I started preping her room and primed the corners, top and bottom of her walls and then got distracted with the sale of our other house and so her room sat, half primed, for over a month. Lucy would say “Uh, Mom, could you finish painting my room? It’s hard to get around in there and it would be cool if I could open my drawers.”

Guilt. So, after a few weeks (ahem, about four. Or five. Or six?) I finally finished priming her walls. I painted the top half a light beige.

Then, I painted the bottom half, her current favorite color. Turquoise.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223

I painted a line, to separate the sections, using liquid gold leaf that I purchased from my local Ace Hardware.

Like I said before, we both wanted polka dots, but different from the ones we had before so, we agreed upon…you guessed it! Gold polka dots!


Seriously, If there is a camera anywhere near this kid, she will jump into the photo. She was behind me when I was focusing and then, BOOM, she ended up in the shot.

I eyed this first wall above, but, because I wanted the whole room to have these dots and because I wanted them to look good, I had to take these down and actually take out my measuring tape to distance these so they wouldn’t look so jank as the last ones.


IMG_2285  IMG_2286IMG_2284

Yeah, disregard Lucy’s plethora of clothing, stuffed animals and what ever in the heck she has on her bed. Here is the before photo and during construction photo, along with the half time “what Lucy wants right now” photo and the almost current photo.

Once I bribe, er, have her clean the pit of despair, I will show you the final “AFTER” photo, along with the mirrors I painted, that made me hate paint, and the photos I hung up. Refer to my “Late Night DIY Can Be Hazardous” post.

Good Night!

I Seriously Want to Punch WordPress in the Throat/New Flip House

I spent SO many hours on a post about our new flip house, with photos and all, and I started texting with someone (I’m looking at you, Kelly) and I don’t know what happened, because I am technologically challenged, and all of a sudden, it was gone! WTH??? I’ll send you a bill, Kelly. Yeah, just kidding, Kelly is my unpaid therapist. I owe her thousands of make believe dollars. I will just air punch WordPress in the throat.

Okay, so I went to the new flip house and took many photos. Friends, family, stalkers and random key word searchers, here is our new flip house: carmel house 29 carmel house1

Those doors! They are solid wood! I cannot wait to strip them and refinish them. Depending on the state of the wood after they are stripped, I might stain them or they may need to be painted. Hopefully, I can just stain them because I freaking love them. 

carmel house 4 carmel house 5 carmel house 28

This is the foyer. Yes, that is solid brick and yes, it’s going to require me to use a jack hammer. I am SO STINKING excited. I really struggled with how I wanted to design this area.  It is quite large and will be made larger when I knock down a wall you cannot see. I went on and, after so many photos that they all started to look the same, I had an epiphany. I know exactly what this room is going to look like and I cannot wait to show you all!!!


carmel house 13 carmel house 12 

 The bathroom off of the foyer. Seriously, do I even have to comment here? We all see the toilet that is practically begging to steal first place in the “best colored toilets” pagent. It’s actually quite sad. My first place toilets are so much better.


carmel house2 carmel house 

 The formal living room. Meh… It needs new sliding doors and paint. I am still waiting on my inspiration for that fireplace. Any suggestions are welcome. It is very cool, as is, sans the brick.


carmel house 14 carmel house 16 carmel house 17 

 The master bedroom and bathroom. Again, meh. It needs a LOT more closet space and that master bath had some sort of vampire living inside of it because it was SO dark and I tried and tried again to put a flashlight in it to take a decent photo but none of them ever turned out decently except this one. Lame. This had, seriously – I’m not sure because I couldn’t see inside of this bathroom, no tub and a super small shower. There was only one sink and I’m still looking for the toilet.


carmel bathroom

Here is bathroom deux upstairs. Not bad and not good. Again, if your house needs updated and you are taking offense to my comments about updating, I am flipping a house. All I can see is what needs to be done to update it. Also, why does the second, tucked away in a corner, bathroom have two sinks and a window while the master bathroom looks like it is doing hard time on Alcatraz in solitary confinement?


carmel house bedroom2 camel house bedroom 

 The two, nondescript, bedrooms upstairs. They are WAY worse in real life. One of them, okay, never mind. If you want to know the story of one of them, email me.

We plan to make the master bedroom a lot larger and only have one other bedroom upstairs. You will have to wait and see.


carmel house death deck carmel house death deck2 carmel house basement 

 The death deck and patio and of course, the Lucy who can’t get out of my shot because she is Lucy. Seriously, I tried to take photos and hold her back at the same time but she escaped me in these two shots and you can see her in one of the bedroom shots being pulled out. The deck is SOOOOO not to code and there are rotten boards on the deck so the stairs are as far up as Lucy dared to go.


carmel house 21 carmel house 19 

 The “what the heck happened to this basement” basement. This was finished but someone decided to redo the basement and OH MY, they need punched in the throat, also. I’m feeling violent tonight, obviously.

We are going to have to redo all of this.


carmel house 20 carmel house 27 

 This is one of the two bedrooms down stairs and the supposed bar/kitchen area. No Bueno. 

carmel house 25 carmel house 22 carmel house wth? carmel house flooring dream 

 Now, to my FAVORITE part of the house that I like to call, the crack den. First photo. Boom, you’re welcome. Try to sleep tonight. 

 Second photo: WTH? Why is there a random water heater in the middle of a hall? Yeah, I want to know why also. Especially since there are two tankless water heaters in the office. 

Third photo: a random toilet that was back so far back in the back of the back of the backless basement that we needed a flashlight. back. 

 Fourth photo…I just wanted to show you that this house has awesome character. I am SO glad the past owner didn’t take all of this out, yet. I am going to keep all of the flooring and wallpaper I can because I am not sure I will ever find this kind of treasure again. 

Okay….here we go! I hope you enjoy the ride because I, certainly, will!!